Property Tax Delinquents

There is a list of property tax delinquents posted on the collector’s door.
It is ironic that some of the very people who portray themselves as would-be financial saviors and oppose much spending and all borrowing are themselves part of why we borrow. Their tax delinquency lowers the town’s certified free cash, which we historically vote to reduce the tax levy.  Taxpayers pay a higher bill to cover the uncollected balance, thereby increasing the taxes on everybody.

In the long run the Town gets paid. The Town can take the property. Plus we collect double digit interest. The town gets the taxes and the interest a few years later as certified surplus. Finally, to get off the delinquent list one can pay the tax bill or negotiate a payment plan and make payments on schedule.

Hard to take folk seriously who complain about the property tax burden and drive up our tax bills by their delinquency; who rail against borrowing and then take what is, in effect, an unauthorized loan from the Town.

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