Energy Efficiency and Alternatives

Warwick town government has done significant work on becoming more energy efficient, supporting alternative energy supply, while at same time, receiving discounts; and on changing to less fossil fuel and more solar and wind power reliance. The Town has entered into Net Meter Credit Purchase Agreements which support alternative electrical supply and introduce discounts, and … [Read more...]

Property Tax Delinquents

There is a list of property tax delinquents posted on the collector’s door. It is ironic that some of the very people who portray themselves as would-be financial saviors and oppose much spending and all borrowing are themselves part of why we borrow. Their tax delinquency lowers the town’s certified free cash, which we historically … [Read more...]

Sub-regional Broadband Effort Considered

Wendell hosted a recent meeting to see if there is interest in a sub-regional broadband effort. Leverett, who have built a network advised that we have enough work ahead of us to meet every week for a long time, so we should get working, and rhetorical shots at MBI, the legislature, etc. aren’t making this … [Read more...]

WFD Report by E Horn for Town of Warwick

Warwick Fire Department Report Click on the link above to see the report. There have been some representations on the “L” of this report. Here is the report so you may make your own judgement. Graphics, which were mostly pictures of hoses and hose ends, were removed to make smaller file size. Yellow highlights / … [Read more...]

Draft Road Perservation Bylaw

The following is a draft. The Planning Board is working on how to treat agricultural and forestry activities and will consider adding an exemption or other language.¬† David Young Draft Town of Warwick Road Preservation Bylaw The purpose of this bylaw is to maintain the safety and general welfare of the residents of the Town … [Read more...]

FY17 Pioneer District Budget Hearing

Last night we heard. We heard mostly from dozens of school district employees that cutting seven classroom aids would be devastating to children and educational outcomes. Many of those attending were organized by school district leadership including a building principal or two and an administrator. This caused me to wonder, where lies the line before … [Read more...]

NED Pipeline Comments by Warwick Planning Board Chair Cady

TESTIMONY BEFORE THE MASSACHUSETTS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES OPPOSING GRANTING ACCESS FOR SURVEYING TO TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE Ted Cady, Chair, Warwick Planning Board The Town of Warwick Planning Board and the Warwick Building and Energy Committee oppose the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) granting Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) the right to enter onto property without … [Read more...]

Town meeting is May 4, 2015

Our next annual town meeting is Monday May 4 at 7 pm. I am hoping that a lot of residents attend because in addition to voting on the yearly government budget and motions to authorize revolving accounts and enterprise fund expenditures we are going to consider a borrowing authorization to fund the proposed fiber to … [Read more...]